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Reimbursement Procedures

GMEF prefers to purchase items directly, or to reimburse teachers for small purchases that they make directly (under $250).

The exception is when purchasing through Cobb County provides a better price, warranty, or product than we are able to obtain on the open market.  Additionally, some items must be purchased through the county for warranty reasons.

If a teacher purchases an approved item, and needs to be reimbursed by GMEF, they should complete a reimbursement request and place it in the blue GMEF mailbox in the lobby.  Checks are cut by the 15th of the following month.

Most destination field trips are arranged by the Garrison Mill Bookkeeper and she will submit a check request to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  The reason for this is that destination field trips involve the cost of transportation, which is billed to the school by the County.

Whenever possible, In-House field trips are paid for directly by GMEF.