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In addition to maintaining the programs currently in place, GMEF hopes to do even more during the 2015-16 school year with funds raised through family investments, corporate matching, FEAST Clubs and business sponsorships.

  • Focus on providing programs that support the strategic goals of Garrison Mill Elementary, with an emphasis on improving writing skills and computation of math word problems for all grades
  • Maintain income to support our Science Teacher’s Full Time Salary as well as supplies to stock the science lab and create a curriculum that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math enrichment for each grade
  • Continued technology support and software license renewals
  • Ongoing teacher training and education
  • In-house as well as off-site destination field trips for K-5
  • Technology improvements and new computer equipment to ensure that Garrison Mill is providing cutting edge resources for its staff and students
  • Support for Small Group Specialists, Speech Pathologists, School Counselors, EIP Teachers,  and Special Education such as iPad apps and teacher certifications



The 2016-17 year is off to a great start and we need YOU!

The Annual Fund Drive is ongoing but we still have much to do to meet our GOALS continue to fund programs such as the Science Lab.  We need your financial support to ensure that our Garrison Mill students receive the quality, hands-on education they need, despite ongoing budget cuts.

We ask each Garrison Mill family to donate $100 per child to help maintain current programs, as well as fund new educational endeavors. You can donate online anytime using a credit card or a Paypal account at www.gmefoundation.org, or you can send in a check to school made payable to GMEF and put in the blue mailbox in the front lobby.   Additionally, check with your employer for corporate matching.  Your Family Investment contribution is 100 percent tax-deductible and directly impacts your student(s). Please contact us at president@gmefoundation.org with any questions or to volunteer.

Through funds raised, GMEF was able to create and fund a Science Lab with a full time science teacher so that all students, grades K-5, could benefit from bi-weekly visits to the lab.  This investment has already started paying dividends!  While all of GM scores from the CRCT were up, the science scores went up an average of 13% for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades as a result of the hands-on experiential learning they received.

Garrison Mill students deserve to receive the same advantages and impactful educational enrichment that other East Cobb elementary students receive from their foundations.  We want them to be academically prepared for the rigors of secondary grades and to continually experience learning through doing.  In order to be successful in achieving our goals, we need both financial support and volunteers to implement programming throughout the year.   Won’t you consider supporting GMEF?

On behalf of all GM students, thank you in advance!



Foundation Funded Field Trips 2014-2015:

  • Kindergarten – The Art Barn; in house field trip featuring the Food Corps
  • 1st – The Atlanta Zoo
  • 2nd – Atlanta Botanical Gardens; Chattahoochee Nature Center and Creek Indians in-house field trips
  • 3rd – Visit to the Tellus Science Museum; in-house historical reenactment featuring Eleanor Roosevelt
  • 4th – Visit to the Youth Museum
  • 5th – Immigration Day in-house field trip; Playing Through History in-house field trip
  • All grades – Artist at School in house field trips (2) so that all classrooms would experience time with career artists
  • All grades – GA Tech laser exhibition in-house field trip
  • Target classes – subsidy for students to attend the Emory University Museum


Foundation Focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) 2014-2015:

  • Certified, full-time Science Teacher in the Science Lab, bi-weekly visits for all classes (K-5)
  • Purchases of equipment for the Science Lab, as well as consumables for the Science Lab
  • Installation of raised beds in the garden to allow for more experiential math and science lessons
  • Materials for butterfly, frog, ladybug, ant and praying mantis life cycle stages, for use in outdoor classroom lessons
  • Captain Planet Garden Lesson Training
  • Funding of headsets with built in microphones for both computer labs
  • Technology support for both Computer Labs and classrooms
  • SRI Reading evaluation software license renewal


On-going Teacher Training, Software Licenses, and Classroom Support 2014-2015:

  • Funding for 4th grade representative to attend the GSTA 3-day annual conference in Macon, GA
  • Funding for conference attendance and expenses for GM school nurse to attend the 23rd Annual Statewide Education Conference of the Georgia Association of School Nurses
  • Funding for the Music Teacher to attend the 2015 GA Tech Music Technology Workshop for Teachers
  • Funding for Speech Language Pathologists to attend the Go SSLP Best Practices Conference
  • Funding for Special Education teacher to obtain GACE Certification to teach small groups
  • Funding for Kindergarten teacher to attend the two day Food 2 School summit in Athens, GA
  • Funding for 2nd Grade Teacher to attend the 2015 Environmental Alliance Conference
  • Funding of shark dissection kits for Target students
  • Funding substitutes for the classrooms in order for the teachers to attend continuing education training
  • Funding of teacher professional subscriptions to associations such as the Georgia Science Teachers Association (GSTA) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Funding for a weekly subscription of Georgia Social Studies Weekly for all third grade students
  • Funding for Guided Reading Books for Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • Funding of books for 3rd grade, specifically targeted at the new reading and writing Common Core standards
  • Funding for 10 classroom sets of Social Studies Novels for fourth and fifth grade
  • Funding for We The People textbooks for 5th grade, which supports student knowledge of civic education
  • Funding of Ed Helper software to assist 5th grade teachers in common-core based lesson plans
  • Funding for classroom lessons and teaching materials for our school counselors, covering topics such as conflict resolution, social skills, and goal setting to improve student interpersonal skills for personal and academic success
  • Funding of spiral math bundles for second grade, to assist teachers with lessons that alight with Georgia Standards
  • Funding of Writing A-Z and Vocabulary A-Z programs for teaching common core skills to students with varying abilities