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Board of Directors

2016 – 2017 Board Members

Co-Presidents: Ms. Shelly Wines and Mr. Kit Baty

Sets goals and executes GMEF strategy; oversee Board meetings; attend annual calendar meeting (see bylaws)

Co-Vice Presidents: Ms. Melanie Staus and Ms. Sheila Garber

In charge in President’s absence; serve as PTA liason (see bylaws)

Treasurer: Ms. Emily Allen

Budget oversight & reporting; distribute/ collect/ review/ present Funding Requests; provide tax receipts (see bylaws)

Secretary: Ms. Cyndi Walsh

Draft & distribute meeting minutes; maintain records book; send out mailings (e.g. New Family Letters) (See bylaws)

FEAST Coordinator: Ms. Ginna Garver

Establish key relationships with the contacts for the after school programs; handle any logistics to make sure programs are running smoothly; attend annual calendar meeting

Communications Coordinator: Ms. Curi Ahrens

Business Partnerships: Ms. Mandy Pace

Science Instructor: Ms. Patricia Dess

Science Instructor: Ms. Sabra McGinnis

Science Lab Assistant: Ms. Adele Ayers

K-1 Teacher Representative: Ms. Ferrell Druhot

2-3 Teacher Representative: Ms. Christine White

4-5 Teacher Representative: Ms. Lori Aromin

Community Representative:  Ms. Molly Daniels, Chick-fil-A Roswell Corners

Science Lab Committee Chair:  Ms. Adele Ayers

Garden Chair:  Vacant

Teacher’s Treasures Chair:  Vacant

Webmaster: Mr. Kit Baty